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You’ve excelled at planning and designing your event and all your hard work has paid off: it’s finally time for stage three, the go-live phase. This may be the most critical (and unpredictable) stage of all, but with EventsAir’s integrated 6th-generation events management platform on your side, you’ll have all the tools you need to run a creative, memorable and enjoyable event that will be a positive experience for attendees, speakers, sponsors and stakeholders alike. Here’s our advice for going live with more success and less stress…

Make sure you’re in the driver’s seat

From the moment you check in the first speaker until the final delegate walks out the door, it’s imperative you’re on top of every tiny event detail. With our powerful platform, you’ll have the logistical data you need right at your fingertips – from managing seating and effortlessly accommodating any last-minute changes to messaging attendees through the platform and gathering feedback. Information is updated in real time across your database, including all forms, attendees and organizer apps, so you can be confident that you have full control over every decision: big or small.

Organize arrivals

Each time an attendee arrives at your event, it’s a chance to make an excellent impression. EventAIR’s 6th-generation platform enables you to use technology to your advantage, incorporating self-serve kiosks that will reduce registration queues and allow attendees to quickly check-in and receive their registration packages upon arrival. Onsite registration portals can provide your team members with quick access to attendee details and the ability to edit or update information or process payments if any issues arise; attendee statistics are updated in real time; organizer apps can be used to efficiently check participants into an event or function; and access control tools can also be used to restrict access to specific participants for certain sessions or functions – so you can make the entire process impressively seamless, from start to finish.

Optimize attendee engagement and experience

The more you engage with your attendees throughout the event, the more likely they are to report a high level of satisfaction – and to share their positive experience with their personal, professional and online networks, which extends your potential reach for future events. With our innovative platform, you can create an attendee app to engage with your delegates through push notifications and social posts, as well as allow them to plan their own agendas and interact socially and professionally. During the event, allow ample time for social activities, networking sessions and one-on-one meetings. Set up a social wall or several interactive displays, and find ways to personalize the day to create a truly unique experience for all guests.

Analyze and reflect

You’re so busy managing your event that you won’t get a chance to reflect on how it’s gone until a few days afterwards, but this is an important step when it comes to measuring its success and becoming a more skillful event architect. With our platform, reports can be generated across all aspects of your event – choose from the 120 provided, or build your own. When the event has closed, you can archive it and, in compliance with privacy policies, anonymize all personal data, yet retain the important statistics you need to make smarter decisions when it comes to starting the planning process all over again for your next one. Ready, set, go…

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