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The EventsAir RISE User Conferences are approaching. To find out more about the benefit of joining the EventsAir community at these events, follow this blog series. To register visit the user conference website in your region below.

Conferences are about networking and education, that’s a given.

But at an EventsAir RISE User Conference, there’s drama and competition as well! The highlight of each year’s conference is the Meeting Planner Shootout, a wild and exciting competition featuring meeting planners at their competitive best!

Now in its third year, the competition groups together six to eight meeting planners of different skill levels.  All teams are assigned specific tasks to complete as much as they can in a set time frame from scratch.

All teams are assigned the same functional specifics and are provided an asset library of resources they can use if they wish.

How can competition add spark to your event?

  • Increase the networking opportunities
  • Increased exposure to sponsors, exhibitors or partners
  • Increased opportunity to build sharable social media content
  • Emphasise the hands-on value of your education content
  • Increase interaction between delegates and your team

What are the key tips for organizers on integrating competition into your program?

  • Ensure the competition format is simple and focused. You want to make sure all teams can easily understand the required tasks, and all teams should be able to complete a majority of the objectives. Remember, the goal is education and networking and when everyone gets most of the objectives, everyone is a winner!
  • Keep it fun! If it becomes too serious then stress levels rise and learning decreases! Consider having an MC with a microphone talking with the different tables, making jokes and keeping the mood light and fun.
  • Assemble teams with attendees from different companies. One of the benefits of this style of competition is seeing attendees from different companies making new connections and learning new ways of accomplishing tasks
  • Assemble teams with a mix of attendee skill levels: Not everyone can be a superstar, and it is incredibly useful for attendees of different skill levels to try new tasks and push themselves to learn new skill.
  • Provide a tangible reward. It can be as simple as a medal or certificate or can include a more tangible gift such as a gift certificate. The actual reward is not really important but having a reward to compete for makes a huge difference in these competitions.

Now in its third year, the 2018 shootout will include six of the most popular portals included in EventsAir, such as the self check-in portal, Attendee App, gamification, lead management tools and more.

“It was a pretty incredible experience,” said Michael Rissien, a military reunion planner. “I’m pretty new to EventsAir, but I was doing all types of things to help complete the challenge, and while we didn’t win, we built an entire event faster than I ever knew was possible!”

Join professional conference organizers in your region for the EventsAir RISE User Conferences. All the details are below.