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At EventsAIR, we appreciate that an events planner’s day can get quite busy with all types of tasks and activities that are almost always “needed yesterday.” The good news is, by having  EventsAIR as your technology platform, you will see immediate improvements to productivity in your event planning efforts. The best news is that this increased efficiency gives you time for what is most important – your customers.

To get you and your team up and running right away, we have created the Fast Track learning platform. Fast Track has been designed with your busy schedule in mind, written in stages so you can get the most out of EventsAIR from day one.

Getting Started is a fast-paced introduction to the basics of EventsAIR with lots of videos, exercises and quizzes to reinforce what you have learned. Segmented into 10 foundation topics, this lesson series can be done be at your own pace. You’ll also have access to EventsAIR support through  our live chat system plus your own EventsAIR online coach to guide through your first event setup plus review your training progression.

Once you have completed Stage One Fast Track Training, it’s time to get focused on the advanced topics most relevant to your business. You can custom build your advanced lesson plan from a library of over 30 advanced modules. Your EventsAIR online coach will be with you every step of the way to make sure they are the right fit.


For those who want a formal recognition of your learning efforts, EventsAIR Certification is designed to recognize your professionalism and experience. A series of questions and hands-on exercises will be evaluated by our Learning and Development team. Once certified, you will be issued with an EventsAIR certificate of achievement and acknowledged as an EventsAIR Architect.

The EventsAIR Fast Track learning program empowers event professionals to scale their business with ease, utilizing a range of  powerful event management tools to enhance your user experience, while offering innovative and exciting features to set you apart from the rest.

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Onsite Team Workflows

When managing multiple teams across multiple tasks EventsAIR is the platform for you. EventsAIR lets you deploy powerful mobile organizer apps with real-time run sheets, attendee look up, session scanning, messaging and alerts. Helping you have more successful events.

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