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Even if you are an experienced event planner, collecting feedback after the gathering is crucial for the success of the future events. This is the only way to know if your guests are satisfied with what they have learned and if anything needs to be changed.

The best way to get the required information is through asking post-event survey questions. However, this might be easier said than done. To find out what post-event survey you must ask your guests to get proper feedback, please read on.

Post Event Survey Questions:

1. Rate Their Overall Experience

The first question you should ask your guests is if they were satisfied with the event in general. Offer them a scale 1-10 or 1-5, and avoid open-ended questions, so the attendees do not have to write long answers, and it will be easier for you to quantify the answers.

This question is essential for you to find out what is an overall impression your guests have after the event. Be prepared that not every feedback will be positive.

2. Rate Each Aspect of the Experience

Every event has several aspects including the following:

  •      Food and beverages
  •      Location
  •      Technology
  •      Sessions
  •      Staff

As your guests to rate every aspect separately so you can have a better insight into what needs to be changed for the future events. This question should also be in the form of a scale.

3. Best and Worst Things About the Event

This question should be open-ended so the guests can speak their mind about what they loved or hated about the event. Finding out what your guests loved about the even can ensure you repeat the same processes and reap the same great results.

Having guests speak up about what they thought was the worst aspect of your event will allow you to understand what needs to be changed or why a certain element may not have worked for the event. The fact that the question is open-ended is also beneficial because you can get information that you might forget to ask.

4. Would you Recommend this Event to a Friend

This is a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question that is important for planning potential improvements of the event and creating social engagement.

Also, studies have shown that people will more likely attend the event their friend recommended to them. You can also add an option for people who answered ‘no’ to elaborate and explain why the event may have fallen short of their expectations.

5. Improvements to the Event

This is an open-ended question that can provide you a lot of information about what your guests think needs to be improved. When you have all the relevant data, you can use your time and resources to fix the important issues so any future events will be more successful and engaging.

rate aspect of the experience

6. Would you Attend a Future Event?

This question is important to plan future events and gatherings because it is easier to get repeating or regular guests to attend the event than to recruit someone completely new. Also, it will provide you with information regarding your guests’ satisfaction

7. How Organized was the Event and the Staff?

This question can pinpoint certain technical elements of the event. Guests can express their opinion regarding the staff (Were there enough staff members or volunteers?

Were they helpful and polite? Did they provide you with the information you needed or how did they assist you? etc.) and the organization overall.

8. Do you Have any Other Suggestions or Comments to Help us Improve our Future Events?

This question will provide you with helpful information for improving things you may have forgotten to ask about. It should be open-ended so the guests can express their opinion and make suggestions.

The Bottom Line

Even when your event is over, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done such as post-event surveys. The reason why these surveys are conducted is to help you figure out what parts of the event were successful, and which segments require adjustments.

Make sure that some questions are close-ended to make an entire process easier and to save time, but let your guests express their own opinion with a few open-ended questions. If you are unsure of how to structure your survey, you can use some of the templates found online.

For more info on what to do during the post-event phase, feel free to visit our website and contact our team for additional help.

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