Onsite Advantage Package

EventsAIR pricing options for your onsite event enhancements

When you are onsite at your event, you want to maximize the performance of your event management operations as well as ensuring your attendees experience maximum performance during onsite check-in, mobile app usage and more.

The Onsite Advantage Package from EventsAIR provides you with a suite of services that increase your EventsAIR server performance, protect you from Internet slowdowns and outages, and provide additional features such as unlimited users and priority technical support for the timeframe of your event.

Included in the Onsite Advantage Package

  • EventsAIR Server Boost – Based on your choice of boost (High Demand or Extra High Demand), the EventsAIR Server Boost ensures that you have the performance and capacity needed for your expected surge in onsite check-ins, mobile app usage and more
  • Unlimited Users – for your package time frame, you are able to add as many EventsAIR users as you require
  • Priority Support – Access priority support for the duration of your Onsite Advantage Package

You have several options when ordering your Onsite Advantage Package:

  • Server Boost – Choose from High Demand (approximately a 400 percent boost) or an Extra High Demand (approximately a 800 percent boost)
  • Package Time Frame – You can schedule your Onsite Advantage Package to last for a minimum of three days or as long as 14 days

Choose between High and Extra High then choose the length of time to decide your package.

To order your Onsite Advantage Package, please click on the link below or click Live Chat to talk to one of our team.

Onsite Advantage Pages (All Prices in AUD plus tax if applicable)

High Demand Server Boost

  • Unlimited Users
  • Priority Support


  • High Demand EventsAIR Server Boost: Approximately 400% boost
3 days  –  AUD 595.00
5 days  –  AUD 795.00
7 days  –  AUD 995.00
10 days  –  AUD 1,295.00
14 days  –  AUD 1,495.00


Extra High Demand Server Boost

  • Unlimited Users
  • Priority Support


  • Extra High Demand EventsAIR Server Boost: Approximately 800% boost
3 days  –  AUD 895.00
5 days  –  AUD1,095.00
7 days  –  AUD1,295.00
10 days  –  AUD1,595.00
14 days  –  AUD1,795.00

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