Optional Continuing Education Module

Continuing Education Features

Continuing Education programs are ongoing and require unique tools and technology to allow you to manage the numerous details regarding venues, instructors, ongoing communications, credits, certificates and more.

EventsAIR helps you streamline the management of any CE program. It offers a powerful registration portal for students to access as well as a dedicated instructor portal to manage their class lists, grades and more. You are able to manage your entire CE program with budget tools, credit management, instructor coordination, communications, surveys and detailed reports.

Unlimited Catalog of Courses

Create a multitude of catalogs of courses giving you the flexibility to match your students needs.

Assign Credits

Via the Instructor portal assign credits or hours based on your certification and grading requirements.

Online Student Registration

Allow students to register for courses and track their attendance and grades through the CE Portal

Science and Technology Australia

Science & Technology Australia (STA) is Australia’s peak body in science and technology – they represent about 70,000 Australian scientists and technologists working across all scientific disciplines. STA is a respected and influential contributor to debate on public policy, providing a strong voice for those they represent. Working with EventsAIR’s technology platform to manage and streamline his events.

Multiple Events, countless details, one robust solution

engagement in the global community