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Built on the EventsAIR 6th Gen event management platform,
OnAIR gives you the ability to manage the complete online attendee event journey, with the flexibility to hold virtual, hybrid or blended events anywhere, anytime and on any device.


Built on EventsAIR comprehensive 6th Gen platform using the latest in web technology


Single login, a seamless secure user experience from initial contact through to OnAIR time


Optimized for full virtual, hybrid or blended events with a feature rich productivity tool set

OnAIR – Case Study

“The OnAIR platform provided an incredible reach for us, which meant that we could include so many more partners in our event and it amplified the experience for everyone involved.
One of our favourite features was being able to have a secure platform for everyone to login to, and it’s a single sign-on, rather than inviting partners to a different login.
OnAIR is unique and special as it’s an integrated platform. We are able to already bring to the party how we use registrations, website, and attendee engagement, and then integrate that right through to the user experience onsite during the event. The connected nature of OnAIR is probably the most powerful tool for us.”
Tanya Wick, Head of Partnerships & Sales, Totem Group

OnAIR Features

OnAIR Timeline

Your online event agenda showing sessions, workshops, networking groups, exhibitors, ePoster sessions, and more, in one user-friendly, configurable screen. Customize the entire portal with your event brand design, add sponsor banners and live hosts for a great user experience.

Virtual Sessions

Present live broadcasts with multiple video streams, play pre-record sessions on demand, synchronize to run in real-time. Add live Q&A, polls and discussion forums for greater engagement. Filter sessions and set alerts.

Exhibitor Marketplace

Showcase products and services online. Engage with attendees through video calls or live chat, record interactions, brochure downloads. Connect via the Meeting Hub. Show corporate videos in queue. Use lead capture to follow up on opportunities.

Networking Groups

Set up virtual function areas where attendees can meet and exchange ideas. Groups may be preselected according to shared interests. Create social networking groups to get your attendees chatting. Sponsors can use facilitated groups for discussions.

Meeting Hub

A secure meeting space for event attendees. Browse attendee profiles, request to connect with someone, start up a conversation via text, video call or messenger, or schedule a meeting – it will add the meeting to your timeline.


Authors and speakers can present abstracts, whitepapers, and ideas and interact with groups of forty. In gallery view participants can view presenter bios and presentation synopses, click into presentations of interest, download handouts and chat with presenters.


Set goals and award points, badges and prizes to encourage participation in sessions, live chats, polling, Q&A, networking, answering trivia questions, and visiting exhibitors and connecting with other attendees. Great for in-person hybrid or virtual events.

Live Polling

Add live polling with set or ad hoc questions to sessions and ePoster presentations to gauge audience interest and receive instant responses to keep the discussion topical. View results in live charts.

Live Host

Just like the master of ceremonies at live events your virtual live host will keep attendees engaged and informed, play videos or run interviews between sessions for a high-quality production effect.

Control Room

Event organizers can manage the flow of the event using the virtual control room. Here they can chat with presenters, preview session screens, make announcements, and manage the live host feed all from one screen.

Live Support

Answer questions and provide virtual presenters and attendees with technical and event support using live chat and video calls throughout the event.


View the number of attendees in a given session at any point. Monitor, record, and report on attendee engagement and locations, and overall statistics of individual sessions and the entire event.


AIRCast streaming and studio gives event organizers the ability to raise the bar on how virtual sessions are produced and staged. AIRCast Studio allows speakers and audience members to be brought into a green room for audio and video checks before moving to the main stage. Cut in media, polls or change screen configurations to bring sessions to life, including breakout rooms, a hands up feature to add audience members to the stage and more.

Discussion Forums

Get everyone involved with live discussion forums. With this chat feature, attendees can interact with each other during sessions in a secure virtual environment. A great way to get the conversation started and create engagement with your audience.

Plan for Success with OnAIR1

When running a virtual event there are key elements that ensures that you can de-risk the points of failure, from experience, these elements can make or break how your virtual event runs.

Key Success Elements

  1. Assemble Your Team – dedicated to making your event a success.
  2. Leverage a Proven Secure Solution
  3. Build the Event on Technology that is up to the Task.
  4. Produce Quality Sessions and Content
  5. Use the Right Streaming Platform
  6. Provide Live On-Screen Technical Assistance for Attendees during the event

Our Packages tick all the boxes in providing you a turn-key solution that will keep your virtual event running seamlessly and your attendees, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors engaged.

So much more than a webinar

OnAIR provides all the functionality required to turn virtual events into reality, including registering for sessions, meeting matching, plenary and speaker sessions, lead capture, sponsor advertising, live Q&A and polling, plus so much more.

Multiple events, countless details, one robust solution.