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Featured imageFor years it has been the same old story. You show up to run your conference or event. You round-up your team of coordinators and planners, meet every morning to plan out the day’s tasks and responsibilities, and everyone is stuffing sheets of paper into the overflowing notebooks.

Everyone checks their radios and makes sure their mobile phones are fully charged.

Then, it’s show time. For the next 12-18 hours, you and your team are running around, managing tasks and getting the 100s of jobs done, on time and done the right way.

Come day two, repeat the process. No wonder many meeting planners schedule a week’s vacation at the end of a conference or take the team for massages and spa treatments. It’s exhausting work!

Now that our technology and management systems are increasingly cloud based there is a new trend in managing our myriad of tasks at a meeting or event – they are called many names, but what they are is a mobile application designed for meeting organizers.

You can ditch the heavy notebook and get your hands on a nice iPad or Android tablet. Open up your organizer app and there you go – you are now connected to your management database and have full access to all information relating to your meeting.

How does that help you get your work done? It’s actually quite exciting once you take a look at it.

  • You can now dive into an attendee record in just a few seconds, and check their payment status and what functions or activities they have signed for.
  • You can pull up today’s rooming list and share it with the front desk team at your conference hotel.
  • You can pull up the agenda and check room setups, AV requirements and all the other details surrounding a specific session or program.
  • You can grab your Bluetooth scanner and check attendees into a specific function or session. All data is automatically updated in just a few seconds!
  • You can send out alerts, news updates and messages to conference attendees or to your management team.

And then, you have run sheets.

Instead of carrying large notebooks with printouts from your spreadsheet, simply open your own run sheet or your team’s run sheet to see all those hour-by-hour tasks.

Click on a task and see what needs to be done, who is assigned to do it, and whether or not the task has been completed.

When a member of your team checks a task as being completed, you will see the completed check mark appear on your tablet in just a few seconds.

If the task is not completed and is now late, it will be marked in red so you know there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Give your coordinator a call, or use the organizer app’s messaging to reach out and find out what’s going on.

More and more companies are jumping on the Organizer App bandwagon, and so should you! It’s time to stop wasting paper and hurting our backs!

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