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The most comprehensive Hybrid Event Toolkit to ever be brought to market

EventsAir Hybrid Event Solution Suite

Breakthrough, industry-redefining technology for event managers to create and deliver sensational Hybrid events across all formats from one seamless, fully integrated platform.

The EventsAir range of tools include:

  • AIRCast Studio
  • Remote Device Control
  • The Event App
  • AIRCast Interpretation Studio
  • Accessibility features
  • Virtual Operations Center

Why industry innovators choose the Hybrid Event Solution Suite

AIRCast Studio

Bringing It All Together.

Remotely control and flawlessly incorporate multiple audio, visual, onsite, and online inputs to deliver synchronized, high-quality experiences for both Virtual and In-Person audiences through AIRCast Studio. Elevate your in-house AV production capabilities at a fraction of the cost of outsources services, and take control of all components of your Hybrid event.