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According to recent statistics, SEO implementation offers higher results when it comes to lead conversion than outbound leads generated through advertisement. Furthermore, the same source reveals that search engines provide a substantial amount of external traffic, which is one of the reasons why it is important to rank high in search results.

SEO techniques change over time as search engines change their algorithms and users change their habits. Keywords seem to be a constant, though; no matter what happens to other aspects of SEO, what people type into the search bar is always a primary concern of every SEO strategy.

Since there are so many changes and different experiences, we decided to craft a list of 8 most important SEO tips that should help you raise your search engine ranking.

Load speed is very important

This is almost a decade-long rule for successful SEO implementation, affected by the users’ unwillingness to wait for long until the page opens or certain feature of the website is activated. Studies indicate that the evergreen nature of this rule owes credit to the fact that users reduce the number of searches if they stumble upon a large number of results that include slow loading pages. Fewer searches mean less money in Google’s pocket, and that’s why website load speed and performance will remain as one of the pillars of SEO.

Place external links

When you hear that you should place links to other sites within your content it seems as if you’re being advised to send people away from your page. Nevertheless, the search engines think differently of this matter, for them, it is commendable to have external sources. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should place any old link to enhance your SEO, rather use high-ranking websites that bring additional value to your content.

Use keywords with images

When we search the web, Google offers us a choice between various search options, one of which includes image search. If you dedicate enough effort to name your images properly, it will make your page more visible when users look for particular images. However, don’t use images as a way to stuff your website with keywords, and make sure the names aren’t too lengthy.

Original content

The quality of your page is reflected by the authenticity of the content you produce. The more original content you make, the better the chances are that you’ll rank higher on the latter. It’s always a good idea to draw inspiration from other sources, but plagiarism kills SEO on the spot. If managing your business is not providing you with enough time to write, online writing services like BestEssays are a good way to make sure your content is original. As an alternative, you can always hire a gifted college paper writer that would take care of your blog posts.

Long-tail keywords

A common mistake that most people make is focusing on implementing as many keywords as possible without taking into account how people actually search online. Writing an SEO-friendly content means writing for humans, not algorithms, because those pieces of code look to humans when they decide how to rank a certain page. Therefore, instead of creating short single-phrase keywords, it’s best to focus on creating long-tail keywords that should appear like the phrases that people enter into the search bar.

Pay attention to your URLs

According to research, URLs play a significant role in SEO. If your links include too many characters, don’t make any sense or are difficult to read that won’t get you too far. Rather use keywords in your link, make sure it matches your page title, and that it doesn’t consist more than 3-4 words.

Unique meta descriptions

When your link comes up on the Google search results page, there should be a well-crafted meta description, under the link, that explains what you offer to the visitors. It’s a mistake to place the same generic meta description for each page on your website, firstly because it’s misleading and invaluable to the visitors, and secondly, because Google penalizes duplicate content.


We created this list of tips in order to help you understand how SEO really works and what it takes to get a higher position on Google. Consider your goals before creating your own SEO strategy, and think which of these pieces of advice will be the most beneficial to you.

Author : Alexandra Reay

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