Once the Event is Over the Analysis Begins


Time to analyse and reflect on the success of your event

Throughout the life cycle of your event, participants have responded to surveys to provide feedback and comments on every aspect you made available. You have been able to create an unlimited number of surveys that were deployed at the end of each session and at the end of your event so participants have provided feedback whilst fresh in their minds.  Along with results from live polls, you have high-level analysis of the success of your event at your fingertips using a variety of tools, and for more detailed analysis the information can be easily exported to Excel.

Throughout your event reports across all aspects of your event were easily generated and filtered so you had the meaningful lists and statistics you required. Where appropriate, reports were published to a client information portal for real time access by your stakeholders with data restricted only to information they should be able to access. During the life cycle of your event, you also kept track of attendees’ private information collected for specific purposes and logged each transaction using that personal data so you can easily provide private data reports to attendees upon request.  Once an event is closed you can archive the event and, in compliance with your privacy policies, anonymize all personal data, yet retain event statistics for future reference.

Throughout the event you have maintained contact with your participants through e-mail marketing campaigns and detailed confirmations. In addition to post event surveys or pre-event surveys for your next event, maintaining contact with your attendees after an event can be important – within the policies of your organization. You can also send attendance certificates and make speakers presentations and other assets available to download from the AIR Drive link.


A Comprehensive Feature Set 

Smart Communications

Attract and engage your target audience with tailored emails and interactive websites.

Snap and Share

View, like and share event highlights using EventsAIR’s secure, closed social media platform.

Data Protection

Enable the Data Protection Toolkit to manage attendees' personal data and assist with your compliance to regulations.

A Mobile Experience

Create mobile Apps to provide the ultimate digital experience and keep attendees engaged.

Lead Retrieval

Exhibitors retrieve information on leads captured using the Exhibitor Portal and can export for further sales efforts.

Personalized Emails

Boost your readership and click-through rate with emails designed around personalized data.

Session Surveys

Prepare online surveys to collect feedback from your event attendees and analyze your success.

Custom Reporting

Make smarter business decisions informed by over 120 included reports, or build your own.

Return On Spend

Visualize every dollar spent against multiple financial models to maximize your returns.

Featured App

Reporting Workflows

Over 120 standard reports are included in EventsAIR to provide you comprehensive information across every aspect of your event. Reports are easily filtered using data collected so you have just the information necessary process requests or to provide to key stakeholders. You are able to customize reports to meet your own needs or EventsAIR can provide custom reports for specific purposes. Reports and lists can be printed, emailed as attachments or saved in multiple popular formats including PDF. You can also publish reports to an information portal so that your team, client or stakeholders can securely access real-time information on specific data they need to see at any time.

Multiple events, countless details, one robust solution.

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