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The Day Has Arrived Now it is Time to Deliver

You can be confident that you have all the data you need at your fingertips to manage each participant so they gain the most from their experience. You have been able to apply inventories to ensure sessions are placed in appropriate sized rooms, manage accommodation across multiple hotels abiding by multiple terms and release conditions as well as arrange travel to and from the event. Based on the numbers attending offsite activities, you have been able to arrange for adequate transport. You have been able to manage seating for dinners and are prepared for last minute changes and requests. All data is updated in real time across your database, forms, attendee and organizer apps, so you are prepared!

Reduce registration queues through use of beacons or self-serve kiosks that allow attendees to quickly check-in upon arrival and receive their name badge and other items ready to participate at your event. If there is any issue, the onsite registration portal provides your team members with quick access to attendee details with the ability to edit or update information and process payments as necessary. As participants arrive, statistics are updated in real time. Organizer Apps can also be used to quickly check participants into an event or function. Access Control tools can be used to restrict access only to those participants eligible to enter specific sessions or functions.

During your event, you can engage your delegates through the Attendee App and keep them informed through posts, agenda updates and live polls. Encourage activity within your private social environment and enable games to support participation and enhance your attendees’ event experience. Session surveys can be enabled to provide immediate feedback, and messages and alerts can be communicated as appropriate. Your speakers can easily update the latest versions of their presentations which also updates your AV team in real time. Your exhibitors can participate in pre-scheduled appointments, manage lead qualification and follow up communications as they make contact with attendees at their stand.


A Comprehensive Feature Set 

Mobile Experience

Create mobile Apps to provide the ultimate digital experience and keep attendees engaged.

On Site Self Check-In

Streamline attendee arrival with intuitive onsite check-in for a quick and seamless experience.

Snap & Share

View, like and share event highlights using EventsAIR’s secure, closed social media platform.

Game Time

Reward your most engaged attendees with points and prizes for participating online and onsite.

Live Audience Polling

Streamline your audience interaction with speakers through live responses submitted using the mobile app.

One-to-One Meetings

Set up one-to-one meetings with buyers and suppliers via online portals.

Lead Capture

Exhibitors can capture lead details and responses to their qualifying questions using the Mobile App.

Real Time Run Sheets

Keep your teams on track with event activities, automated alerts and real time information.

Project Management

Keep track of all your event's moving parts in a single Gantt chart view.


After 3 years of working with EventsAIR, indeed it has been a game changer for us. The range of functionality, features, and integration of all components of any event, continues to impress our team and allows us to deliver consistently successful outcomes for our customers.

Mike Tuzee, Managing Director
IMPACT Organisation

“Protecting the personal data of our clients is job one for our team. With EventsAIR, we are 100 percent confident that our client’s data and personal information is protected in the cloud as well as by the powerful data privacy tools built into the platform. We know that EventsAIR is truly a global platform that understands the complexities and international rules surrounding data privacy and enjoy our partnership with this powerful platform”

Jill Rasco , Director of Meetings
Attendee Management Inc.
Featured App

Mobile Attendee App

An attendee mobile app for your event can do much more than simply keep registrants participants informed about schedule changes. Add gamification to create an engaging, immersive experience that blurs the boundary between your event venue and its interactive digital space. Combined with the power of the organizer app, the EventsAIR attendee app ensures every participant is a connected part of the action.

Multiple events, countless details, one robust solution.

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