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chogm001The recent 2015 Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting (CHOGM) held 27-29 November in Malta brought together world leaders from over 60 countries to discuss a variety of important topics, including global economic issues, climate change and the challenges of international terrorism.

Preceding CHOGM, the Valletta Summit on Migration, held 11-12 November 2015 was attended by another 91 world leaders. Across both events, more than 35,000 participants from government delegations, media, workforce, security and support staff all needed to be registered, security checked by six different security agencies and accredited. This represented a massive endeavor for the event organizing team in Malta.

chogm002The Malta Task Force knew that managing advance registration, accreditation, RFID badging and extensive reporting required a powerful meeting management technology. The team chose EventsAir by Centium to provide the technology for both world leader events. EventsAir and the Centium team were chosen because of their extensive experience in secure government meetings and the powerful and proven technology employed in EventsAir.

Centium Software CEO Trevor Gardiner led the technology team in support of the Malta meetings.

“The technology in EventsAir made a dramatic difference for the Valetta Summit and CHOGM Task Force,” Mr. Gardiner said. “The ease of using EventsAir, productivity features and the intuitive work flows created an extremely efficient set of processes. Administering accreditation and badge production for 35,000 participants was managed by a relatively small team, who soon became experts in EventsAir.”

Mr. Gardiner noted that the unique nature of a large government meeting required a significant architectural design that was easy for organizers to learn and use but had the power and technology to scale for such as large program. EventsAir’s unique ability to scale up for periods of high demand was an important and beneficial part of the process.

“When the detailed participant review and accreditation was taking place, we knew that many individuals were accessing the system at the same time,” Mr. Gardiner said. “With the tragic events in Paris just days before the CHOGM event, security was significantly increased. This placed additional workload on the system. We simply scaled up EventsAir with a few keystrokes at the back end and the system was able to handle the many thousands of transactions quite easily. Everyone was able to get their reviews and vetting completed in record time.”

EventsAir also provided the physical access control system at all of the secure venues. Over 100,000 RFID accreditation passes were scanned instantly during the course of the two events. During CHOGM, there were nine security zones in place throughout all the events to ensure only participants with the correct privileges were allowed access. RFID passes controlled access to the venues and locations, and more than 90 thousand transactions took place across all security zones.

“We are delighted with the significant number of accreditations processed and positive feedback from all those involved far and wide,” said the 2015 CHOGM Task Force.

The twin events of the Valetta Summit and CHOGM have been a huge success for EventsAir, providing a world-class powerful event management and access control system.

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