18 April 2016

EventsAIR Announces Innovative Flexi Packages

Alec Sonenthal

EventsAIR_logoDuring the 2016 IMEX Frankfurt show, the EventsAIR team announced new “Flexi” pricing options designed for smaller meeting organizers.

The innovative new “Flexi” price options allows meeting managers of smaller meetings to have the same access to the comprehensive features found in all three editions of EventAIR.

Meeting Organizers taking advantage of the “Flexi” option pays a substantially reduced license fee and receives a number of included registrations. Additional registrations, if needed, are available for a small fee per registration.

“Due to our continued growth in the Microsoft Azure environment, coupled with efficiencies coming from Microsoft, we are now able to offer this exciting “Flexi” option,” Said CEO Trevor Gardiner. “We’ve always been committed to all of our customers, no matter how large or how small, and now our smaller clients can take advantage of the powerful features found in all three editions of EventsAIR.

The new “Flexi” package options are available to new clients immediately, in addition to the unlimited registration packages already offered by Centium Software.