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Conference Partners International


Miriam Verdon, delegate services manager, Conference Partners International, tells CN about her event data revolution with EventsAir Conference Partners opened its doors in 1998, we’re an internationally accredited PCO. We have offices across Dublin, Edinburgh, Belfast, Manchester and Hamburg. We primarily run pharmaceutical and medical conferences across Europe for associations in a specific field of study, as well as larger exhibitions.

The Challenge

Our biggest challenge more recently has been our clients asking for bigger and better conferences with more innovative ideas yet working with a smaller budget. With changes to technology, we are looking to introduce things like e-posters and apps and things like that. Trying to manage our client’s expectations and work within their budget to deliver these kinds of aspects is the challenge.

The Process & The Result

You use EventsAir. Which features do make use of the most?
We use EventsAir for literally everything. We open registration for our delegates for them to register for events, book all their social events as well as accommodation and sometimes even do the programme selection. In the background, our exhibition team is working with exhibitors. As we get closer to the actual conference, we start building the conference app. Our badges are created by EventsAir at the kiosk for sign-in, too.
Could you name a specific outcome that’s improved from how you used to it?
Specifically, we’ve really jumped into the exhibition part of driving our booking stage, it’s become a huge tool for us. As delegate services manager, I have to get exhibitor passes registered, collect their logos and bios and offer lead approval to our added service to them.
Do you offer any extra value features to your clients, like gamification, or anything along those lines?
The mobile app has really picked up in the last year or two. Clients are moving away from the traditional full-page programme and looking at the app as an alternative. I’d say at least half of our conferences this year have opted to go with the app and that percentage is always growing.
Could you outline an interesting or complex event that you’ve used EventsAir to manage?
Most recently I would say the World Airway Management Meeting, it’s one of our biggest conferences this year with over 1,800 delegates heading to Amsterdam. There’s a lot of moving parts to this conference, each of our seven specialist teams use EventsAir to manage their conference like our commercial team to use it for obviously the large floorplan, managing exhibitors. Our programme team utilises the abstract system to collect over 600 abstracts for the programme, we’ve built one of our best apps for our clients in EventsAir. We’ve really pulled out all the stops, it’s been a huge collective of work to pull this conference together and EventsAir has played a vital element in it.

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