This case study interview with UK’s British Association of Urological Surgeons was conducted by Conference News (October 2019 issue, page 45).


Louise Finch, events assistant at the British Association of Urological Surgeons, shares with CN how the EventsAIR system changed the way they manage events.

Can you give us an overview of the events you run?

The British Association of Urological Surgeons (BUAS) runs events for all urological surgeons across the UK. We run 10 each year, with one of them being the AGM, which is the years’ largest.

We also run educational sessions and section meetings. Most of the events we run are to ensure that surgeons are up-to-date with the latest practises, and to facilitate networking and socialising.

What are the day-to-day challenges you face?

The main challenge is that we do have a lot of events happening over the year; there’s no down period. Trying to manage multiple events, on a constant cycle, is always a challenge.

We have members from different sections trying to book onto different courses, to find out fees and so on. Exhibitors, too. They want to be able to show their products to members, and members want to see what’s around.

Surgeons aren’t exactly 9-5 people and are sometimes difficult to get a hold of. Getting in contact with them can often be quite testing. I think that’s where EventsAIR comes in as a really useful tool to help with registration and so on; they can do it on their own accord rather than us needing to chase them.

How do you use EventsAIR; what features do you use?

We use everything on it for every event we run. We use it for registration, abstract submissions, and as a portal and app for all of our meetings. It’s also great for exhibition bookings and everything that goes along with that. The micro-site function is also great as it gives each event its own identity.

Filming consent is another important feature. A lot of our conferences are filmed for our YouTube channel, so we need to be sure people know they may be on film, and live polling and Q&A features are a great addition for conferences.

We use email communication to send out attendance certificates as we have a lot of CPD points going out; and the merge document feature is probably my favourite. So yes, we use it all.

Improved outcomes? 

It’s made things far more organised and provides everything we need to run and manage our events. The software is time-efficient; it’s all in one place, avoiding the need to bounce between programmes.

You can even update the live app during an event, as there are always changes such as room changes etc., has been really useful. It’s just really easy to use.

Give us an example of a complex event where EventsAIR really helped 

BAUS has been having its AGMs for the last 20+ years, where we deal with more than 1,000 delegates, as well as 100 exhibiting companies. We adopted EventsAIR in 2016 and since then it has made a huge improvement to how we run the event.

To have all the registrations and payments logged and recorded, as well as the micro-site and accommodation sites in one place, has made things easier to manage. We have a small events team here, and simply wouldn’t be able to run a conference of that size without a software like EventsAIR.

The feedback year-on-year from delegates always gets better. They give special praise for the slick registration process and are able to give feedback over the system immediately after a session has finished. Delegates are amazed they can get their CPD certificates from the system immediately too.

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