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30 April 2019

How to Use Interactive Quizzes to Keep Attendees Engaged Before Events

Abelene Hu

Engaging attendees prior events is just as important as making sure they are engaged during events. There may be a long wait time between when attendees first register and when the event happens. Keeping attendees engaged prior acts as a form of reminder, as well as builds up excitement leading up to the event. This article walks you through on how to use interactive content – interactive quizzes specifically – to segment and engage attendees (or potential attendees) before a big event.

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Capture Leads and Segment Users

Interactive quizzes have been proven time and again to increase conversions rates. 3.5x more marketers reported interactive content converts very well when compared to static content.

A quiz is also a simple way to segment people and send messages they’re interested in.

After answering a series of questions, the quiz taker opts into your mailing list and is then shown an outcome that’s personalized to them.

Once they’ve been shown their results, they enter an email nurturing sequence specific to their outcome  An email nurturing sequence is a series of emails designed to show you understand the outcome ideal they want to achieve. It also shares your credentials and the next steps to take.

In your sequence, highlight interesting information as well as specific ways the event is in line with their goals. You can also give them a sneak peek at the experience you’re designing for them.

Continue to send relevant emails until the event starts.

Elements of an Effective Quiz

Your quiz start page should have an image that reflects the topic the outcome quiz takers want to achieve.

Title Question

Individuals almost always want to know more about themselves. A title question that promises to help someone learn more about themselves is effective. For example:

  • What type of designer are you
  • What type of parent are you
  • What type of event planner are you
  • Which Game of Thrones Character are you

These quiz titles are focused on the quiz taker and promise to reveal more about them after they complete the quiz.

Quiz Questions

Quiz takers may leave halfway if the questions aren’t relevant. Of course, you’ll ask your segmenting question “What’s your biggest challenge related to x” and use the segments as answer options. There are a few other things to keep in mind as well.

  • Use less than ten questions so people don’t get tired
  • Start with an easy yet exciting question to build momentum and end with an easy question
  • Avoid being too serious in your questions and let your brand shine through

These tips will make your questions more natural and enjoyable for your quiz takers.

Lead capture page

Your lead capture page appears right before quiz takers see their results. With the right call to action, a large portion of them will give you their contact information. The most important thing to do at this point is to tell them how they’ll benefit.

Using the happiness quiz above as an example, you could state “enter your contact details to get your happiness score delivered to your inbox. We’ll also send you tailored information that’ll help you live a happier life.”

That’s the unique power of quizzes. you get a wealth of information about your audience members, are able to follow up with relevant messages, and they have a fun experience.


This article has laid out a strategy that’ll help you keep your event attendees and prospects engaged right up until you open your doors.

The linchpin of this strategy is interactive quizzes. They’re a fun and welcome distraction.

More than being a distraction, they help you segment your audience and build engagement based on information they’ve shown they have an interest in. By the time your event rolls around, they’ll be almost as excited as you. Keep the key elements of effective quizzes in mind:

  • Relevant imagery
  • A quiz title that promises to reveal their personality
  • Engaging questions
  • A lead capture page with a clear promise

Author: Daniel Ndukwu