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Featured imageThe veteran technology team at Centium Software announces the latest innovation for the events industry; seamless interoperability of the EventsAir platform with the Microsoft Azure data centre opened in Sydney and Melbourne this week. “EventsAir utilizes powerful features of Azure to create isolated private cloud environments for our customers, with the ability to scale up automatically during peak event activity” says Trevor Gardiner, Centium Software CEO.

EventsAir was featured at Microsoft TechEd, Sydney this week as one of six Azure launch partners in Australia. At TechEd, Mr. Gardiner said “Now, our customers in Australia will benefit greatly from faster ‘local data’ performance and alleviated data sovereignty concerns knowing that their data will never leave Australia”.

Arinex, a Professional Conference Organizer based in Sydney manages end to end conferences in Australia. “Our clients are national and international. Having fast response times is more and more critical,” says Roslyn McLeod, Arinex Managing Director. “So it definitely makes sense if the data is accessed in-country. The response times are better and the delivery of registration web pages to the delegates is much faster than if hosting is done overseas.”

Ms McLeod adds, “And from a security point of view, we do work with government clients who want their data to remain in Australia. So, the new Microsoft Azure data centre will make a big difference as well. Traditionally, with the older event technology, where customers needed to have data hosted in Australia, we only had on-premise solutions as a choice. Now, for the first time, PCOs will be able to offer SaaS solutions to the same government customers who require data to remain in Australia and in a data centre that meets the IRAP (Industry Security Registered Assessors Program) compliance.”

Other large Australian PCOs are excited about the enhanced security that customers will receive as a result of the new Microsoft Azure data centre. “Our customers want to make sure that they are provided with top-level security and confidentiality to protect their customer data.” says Paul Christie, Managing Director, Axis Events Group. “This is very good news for the corporations who seek to avoid securities fines within Australia.”

EventsAir has been designed from the ground up to leverage the power of the Azure data centre. Mr Gardiner states that “To further enhance performance, especially at peak times and for international attendees, EventsAir uses the Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN). What that means for event attendees is a much faster load time for registration sites and mobile apps. And, because we use a worldwide cloud environment, we can scale the solution on an as-needed basis to accommodate the largest events in the world.”

“The Azure Data Centre and EventsAir provide us with performance, security and huge productivity gains. This makes us much more competitive” says Barry Neame, Managing Director of Consec Conference Management in Canberra.

Other large PCO EventsAir customers who are adopting the new Microsoft Azure data centre include: Conference Logistics and EECW.

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