EventsAIR 6th Gen takes
smart event tech to a new level.

“Fail to plan then plan to fail”. Any event planner will tell you preparation is the key to a successful event. The ability to pre set communications, profile your audience and design a great attendee experience is just the beginning of what 6th Gen offers.

That first connection with your attendee is priceless, ensuring consistency and perfection across all your media – communications, mobile app and event website can make or break a successful event. EventsAIR 6th Gen gives you total freedom to white label.

You have put in all the hard work, now it’s time to make it happen. Managing onsite teams, attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors has never been easier. Using tools like the EventsAIR organizer app which updates your team on completed tasks, attendee activity and moderating social streams all form the palm of your hand.

EventsAIR 6th Generation

Transform the way you manage events
Anywhere, Any time, Any device 

Everything you need at your fingertips and more.
Made for the busy event planner.

Experience EventsAIR 6th Generation for yourself!

Experience the Future of Event Tech
for yourself


After 3 years of working with EventsAIR, indeed it has been a game changer for us. The range of functionality, features, and integration of all components of any event, continues to impress our team and allows us to deliver consistently successful outcomes for our customers.

Mike Tuzee, Managing Director
IMPACT Organisation

“Protecting the personal data of our clients is job one for our team. With EventsAIR, we are 100 percent confident that our client’s data and personal information is protected in the cloud as well as by the powerful data privacy tools built into the platform. We know that EventsAIR is truly a global platform that understands the complexities and international rules surrounding data privacy and enjoy our partnership with this powerful platform”

Jill Rasco , Principal and Sr. Account Manager
Attendee Management, Inc.

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John Thomas, Manager

I can’t recommend these guys highly enough! They managed our entire project with passion and professionalism, and they exceeded our expectations. I will definitely work with them again and I can’t wait to tell my friends and business associates about them.

Jane Williams, Head of Marketing
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