21 August 2016

2016 EventsAIR Planner Challenge Announces Winning Team!

Alec Sonenthal

challengepic001At the 2016 EventsAIR User Conference held August 16-17 in Sydney Australia, 15 teams of experienced meeting planners faced off in the annual EventsAIR Meeting Planner Challenge.

The aim of the challenge is to combine lessons learned at the conference and to reinforce participants’ knowledge of the capabilities of the system. The challenge was to simulate the time pressures today’s meeting planners face, with participants tasked to complete as much as they could of sixty six separate assigned tasks.

Limited to two workstations, each team used their event planning skills (including their knowledge of EventsAIR) to build and publish a complete event from scratch.

The assigned tasks included creating and collecting numerous registration, function and housing details in a responsive online form designed to work on smartphones, tablets and computers. A detailed name badge with QR codes and graphics was part of the mix as well as a fully detailed confirmation email.

challengepic002Additionally, each team was challenged to create a fully functional mobile app, an onsite check-in portal and even design and publish a personalized HTML based invitation that included links to register for the event.

The winning team rose to the challenge was able to power through all the assigned tasks in 34 minutes and 58 seconds.

Trevor Gardiner, CEO of Centium Software was extremely impressed with the results of the challenge.

“The challenge was better than our greatest expectations and really proved what a fantastic productivity tool EventsAIR is,” Mr. Gardiner said. “It was truly amazing to see these meeting planners multi-task and take advantage of the productivity tools in EventsAIR to complete the challenge.”

“This highlights what we’ve always known, that smart meeting planners are able to work far more efficiently and get more work completed in less time with the right tools.”

The winning team was:

  • Paula Armstrong, ForumPoint2
  • Sarah Cole, Waldron Smith Management
  • Simone Field, HRG Worldwide
  • Bennett Lansley, Event Travel Management
  • Nicole Robertson, ASHM
  • Natalie Stray, Conference National