EventsAIR is a perfect fit for any major sporting event


Manage Sporting World Events with EventsAIR


World Sporting Event Management Software
  • A complete, single enterprise solution that shares information across multiple aspects of the event
  • Manage accreditation, accommodations, arrivals, departures, protocol, hospitality, security and more
  • Organize opening, awards and closing ceremonies
  • Maintain and communicate scheduling
  • Handle the complexities of games-time considerations
  • Coordinate vendors, media, marketing, sponsors and staff
  • Make changes for entire groups in minutes
  • Set up and monitor run sheets in real time

Managing a world sporting event can be a sport of challenges. Within each event reside numerous functional areas that require management. All of the moving parts must harmonize to achieve success, and security issues abound. Let EventsAIR help referee.

Our single system communicates across all event aspects. From long before an athlete's arrival through the closing ceremony, the countless touch points, communications, changes, travel arrangements, security issues and hospitable niceties have a central point of management. We remove the communication barriers between the various departments, so that enormous amounts of information get shared easily. Our system allows you and others to oversee details in real time, make changes and communicate.

We recognize that world sporting events represent much more than talented athletes competing. A well-run event can be key to a city or country's development and legacy. Your role in making the event a success is critical. EventsAIR has the power and flexibility to serve as a worthy team member.