Smart Content Creation

Rapid Event Website Builder

Often you will need to create an information website for your event. The Rapid Event Website Builder handles this easily for you. You can quickly add live data pages to your site to give up-to-the-moment information for agendas, accommodation, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and more! You can even add custom content pages to your site, giving you complete freedom to create the pages you require.

Agenda, speaker, exhibitor, sponsor and accommodation pages are automatically created and updated in real time

Add custom pages for FAQs, registration and other custom content

Brands are assigned in seconds and can be changed instantly

Add images, videos and other custom content as you require

As part of the EventsAIR collection of organizer tools, the Rapid Event Website Builder is your go-to resource to produce engaging, professional and informative websites in a short amount of time.

Rapid Event Website Builder

Drag and Drop Registration Form Builder

Drag and Drop Registration Form Builder

Using EventsAIR, you can create engaging, branded and ‘responsive’ registration forms without any previous web page creation experience. Using the innovative drag and drop form builder, you are able to build responsive, robust and professional registration sites and forms in a very short amount of time.

Online forms are fully responsive for all devices

Design and publish powerful and highly secure online forms

Collect details for social activities, workshops, accommodation, travel and more

Request profile and background information for invaluable data analysis and metrics

EventsAIR’s powerful and innovative drag and drop form builder provides meeting organizers of all experience levels the tools and functionality required to build professional web forms in a very short timeframe.

Intelligent Conditional Logic

Form logic streamlines the registration process and you can build powerful and intuitive workflows to collect your registration data.

Display or hide specific registration pages based on specific responses

Direct attendees to the correct registration sites based on specific responses

Validate responses to questions to ensure accuracy and appropriateness of data

Your online registration sites are easier to navigate and more intuitive with the power of conditional logic and that streamlines the registration process.

Intelligent Form Logic

Integrated Agenda and Program Design

Drag and Drop Integrated Agenda and Program Design

As your event evolves, you can easily manage all aspects of your event from the EventsAIR Agenda. To save time, your agenda is built interactively while creating or updating session and function details.

Utilizing the EventsAIR innovated drag and drop interface, you are able to quickly arrange your program and organizer your presentations within your sessions.

Interactively build your agenda and create sessions and functions

Instantly publish to event websites and mobile apps

Develop multiple tracks and special entries for registration desk hours and meals

The integration of the Agenda Builder and your program design is another example of how EventsAIR helps you work more efficiently.

Extensive Brand and Style Management

The innovative Brand Editor lets you easily define and create multiple “brands” based on style sheets. Each brand can be formatted and defined for colors, fonts, font sizes, logos and more. Once a brand is created, it can be used across multiple applications such as registration sites and communications.

Our commitment to private branding ensures that only your name and details are seen throughout your public pages.

Import custom style sheets for specific style requirements

Change the look and feel of your sites in just a few seconds

Manage colors, fonts, page styles and more

Create as many brands as you require

Assign your own custom URL to fully commit to 100% white label branding

From the look and feel of your sites to the assurance that only your brand is seen throughout your sites, you are in full control of your event branding.

Extensive Brand and Style Management