EventsAIR Rising Star Education Program Overview


Rising Star is an educational program for aspiring event management students, provided by Centium Software to universities and colleges around the globe.

Based on the cutting-edge platform of EventsAIR, students undertake a structured training curriculum covering all aspects of professional event planning.

Students pursuing qualifications in hospitality or event management also acquire certification in the EventsAIR technology, and this has proven to be an extremely valuable addition to a student’s resume.

Universities and colleges participating in the Rising Star program offer hands-on training in event planning technology.

  • Full access to EventsAIR for students
  • Web-based interactive courseware including tutorial videos
  • Guided instruction and hands-on exercises
  • Module quizzes and exams
  • Certificates of successful completion
  • Enhanced content with specialized glossaries and industry tips and tricks
  • Core modules include event setup, taking your event online, attendee management and event management
  • Optional modules include presentation management and exhibitor/sponsor management


Rising Star Education Program Overview


The Rising Star Curriculum has been carefully designed to provide students with a hands-on, interactive learning environment complete with detailed examples, module quizzes and course exams. All students who successfully complete the exam receive an industry recognized certificate of completion.

The four core modules include:

  1. Module 1: Creating an Event
    1. 1.1 Getting Started in EventsAIR
    2. 1.2 Setting Up Contact Details
    3. 1.3 Setting Up Registration Details
    4. 1.4 Setting Up Accommodation
  1. Module 2: Taking Your Event Online
    1. 2.1 Preparing to Go Online
    2. 2.2 Using the Interactive Site Builder
    3. 2.3 Mobile Attendee and Organizer Apps
  1. Module 3: Attendee Management
    1. 3.1 Working with Attendee Records
    2. 3.2 Processing Attendee Payments and Refunds
    3. 3.3 Communications and Merge Docs
  1. Module 4: Event Management
    1. 4.1 Statistics and Alerts
    2. 4.2 Project Management
    3. 4.3 Agendas and Run Sheets
    4. 4.4 Reporting
    5. 4.5 Accounting and Budgeting

Two advanced modules are also provided to offer students additional training and hands-on experience. The two optional advanced modules include:

  1. Module 5: Presentation Management
    1. 5.1 Managing Speakers and Presentations
    2. 5.2 Setting Up Sessions and other Speaker Items
    3. 5.3 Speaker Reporting and Express Actions
  1. Module 6: Exhibition / Sponsorship Management
    1. 6.1 Introduction to Exhibition Management
    2. 6.2 Setting Up Stands and other Exhibitor Items
    3. 6.3 Introduction to Sponsor Management
    4. 6.4 Setting Up Sponsor Packages and other Items

Rising Star Program Introductory Video


Click the video on the left to view a short 4 minute presentation that introduces the Rising Star Program and demonstrates how the course materials function as well as a quick tour of EventsAIR itself.

This is the first of 7 videos that walk students through all aspects of the Rising Star Program.

Rising Star Education Program Quizzes and Exams


Included in Rising Star are comprehensive module quizzes and final exams - one for the core modules and one for the optional advanced modules. Completion of each exam earns a Rising Star Certificate of Completion.

  • Quizzes and exams are cloud-based, randomized and are timed. Students are allowed to retake a failed quiz or exam one additional time.
  • Teachers can log in and view details of each student's completion of quizzes and exams in the online exam portal.
  • Scores are immediately displayed and all correct answers are also provided for immediate feedback to the student.

Rising Star Scholarship Program


Every year up to five students are awarded Rising Star Scholarships for participating in the Rising Star program. Many scholarship recipients, along with many other Rising Star students are now successfully working in the events industry as meeting planners and conference organizers.

Your Investment in Rising Star


Your license with RIsing Star includes the following benefits:

  • An educational license for EventsAIR to cover all students
  • No limitation to the number of students that can take the course
  • Rights to use the entire set of course materials for Rising Star
  • An initial web-based one day training session
  • Ongoing upgrades
  • All hosting 
  • Participation in the annual Rising Star Scholarship Program
  • Access to the online exam grading and reporting system for all your students
  • Subscription to the Rising Star Newsletter
  • Discounted admission to annual EventsAIR User Conferences
  • Access to the Rising Star Instructor forum
  • Invitation to scheduled Rising Star Instructor Webinars


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