EventsAIR is a perfect fit for any PCO


Professional Conference Organizer


  • Efficiently handle events for any type or size of client
  • Manage multiple events simultaneously
  • Organize agendas, venues, travel, catering, speakers, audio-visual requirements, entertainment, schedules, event personnel and more
  • Create a custom event website for each event
  • Establish, oversee and track budgets with ease
  • Customize reports, communications and surveys
  • Monitor run sheets in real time
  • Communicate with event staff and attendees
  • Provide exceptional features for clients, such as a Mobile App for attendees
  • Capture and store valuable data through a variety of means, including surveys

Multiple events, multiple clients...multiple potential headaches. When you're managing a multitude of details, EventsAIR brings an air of calm to things. Our robust, flexible system offers deep functionality to help you support any client and win new business with confidence.

During the lead-up to the event, you can create a custom website, register participants and handle payments easily. Capture and store unlimited data, customize reports, manage accommodations (including monitoring inventory in real time), oversee budgets and personnel, and stay up-to-speed while on the go, courtesy of our mobile-optimized platform.

At the event, our features will keep you productive and sane. Bring data down from the cloud to a local presence, to avoid slow internet connections (or disconnections). Sync data with the cloud in real time. Organize entire groups of people at once. Supervise run sheets to ensure tasks get completed. Communicate with attendees and let them communicate with one another through a Mobile App.

We recognize that PCO business can be unpredictable, and the number of events and attendees can vary yearly. To accommodate this, we offer a variety of pricing plans.

Get more event management...with less labor cost and effort. 

When your company's name is involved, your name is too. EventsAIR will uphold both reputations. Whether you're organizing an annual meeting for employees or a VIP customer gathering, you can create and manage an event that maintains your company's standards and branding.

We recognize the importance of budgets, and in "doing more with less." Our robust system allows you to establish a budget, follow it at every step and report on it. EventsAIR offers multiple tools to help you streamline the event management process and generate reports. And we can build your work flow into the program natively.