Online Registration with EventsAIR


  • Collect unlimited quality data quickly and easily
  • Attendees can register from computers, tablets or mobile phones
  • Optimized to ensure pages load quickly
  • Ask unlimited questions to gather highly specific information
  • Capture attendee photos, registration types, marketing information and secure payment information
  • Form Logic tailors which questions to ask based on individual responses
  • Customize your form's branding with your logo, fonts and colors
  • Receive data updates instantly
  • Fully integrated with Google Analytics in real time

For your events to succeed, you need attendees to register ─ and you need to make it easy for them to do so. For events to run smoothly, and to implement strong marketing campaigns, you need quality data. The Online Registration feature for EventsAIR® provides everything you need to succeed. It collects and manages unlimited data. It also provides information in real time (including accommodation inventory), so you have a clear picture of your attendees 24/7.

Our Online Registration is all about ease. Attendees can register from any computer, tablet or mobile phone. EventsAIR has been optimized, so the pages load and respond quickly. Our Form Logic feature makes the registration process "smart," by skipping questions that aren't relevant to the individual attendee. Attendees can book accommodation and provide payment information in a highly secure environment. The convenient process makes registering pleasant, and prevents frustration or abandoned registrations.

EventsAIR allows you to ask any number of questions, so you can capture unlimited contact details. You can also gather attendee photos, registration types, marketing data and more. The form is fully integrated with Google Analytics. This automatically provides you a summary of important information such as where your traffic is coming from and when, what your most popular pages are and more.

Additionally, you can customize the registration form with your branding by adding a logo and tailoring colors and fonts.