EventsAIR Master Class Series

The EventsAIR Master Class Series is a program offering our clients an opportunity to expand their knowledge and experience of EventsAIR with instructor led Master Classes on a variety of advanced EventsAIR topics.

Each two hour Master Class session is comprised of four, 30-minute topics covering a wide variety of advanced EventsAIR technology and functions.

Each session is web-based, and led by one of our certified EventsAIR consultants and trainers. Your Master Class training is specific to you and your organization, and focuses on real-world use and advanced functionality.

Each Master Class Series session offers you:

  • Your choice of four, 30 minute topics from a library of advanced Master Class topics
  • Private, web-based instruction led by one our Master Class consultants and instructors
  • Focus on advanced concepts, functionality and application to your real-world needs
  • Course materials that enhance your training experience

Master Class Session Topics


The Master Class topics are all 30 minutes in length and cover a wide range of EventsAIR functionality and solutions. All topics focus on real-world application and provide a hands-on learning experience led by our certified EventsAIR instructors.

Master Class topics include:

  • EventsAIR Management Tools - An in-depth exploration of the Mobile Organizer App, including setup, run sheets and enhancements.
  • Exhibitor Portal - Setting up and deploying the Exhibitor Portal, includes tips and tricks and using the Exhibition Floor Plan builder.
  • Reviewer Portal - Setting up and implementing the Reviewer Portal including score criteria, blind reviewing and communication between reviewers and authors.
  • Abstract Workflow App - Using the Abstract Workflow Portal in the management of abstract submissions and session/program management.
  • Express Actions - An exploration of the various Express Action tools such as Data Import, Bulk Create, and the various Export functions.
  • Contact Store - Setting up the Contact Store and reviewing communication and registration processes for large groups of contacts.
  • Group Registration - Setting up Group Registration, and learn about working with Group Coordinators.
  • Accounting and Financial Management - A detailed review of financial processes in EventsAIR, and how to setup a budget, manage suppliers and track expenses.
  • Communications - Creating Merge Docs and explore how to send communications immediately or in the future.
  • Surveys - Create libraries of re-usable survey questions and assemble unique and targeted surveys for your conference or sessions.
  • Function Table Allocation - Set up a graphical function table layout and review the flexible ways to assign attendees to specific tables.
  • Name Badges - Learn how to build a professional looking name badge, including bar codes and QR codes.
  • Group Registration Portal - Explore the settings and uses of the Group Registration Portal and learn how best to provide this service to your attendees.
  • Presenter and Audio-Visual Apps - Explore how to increase operational efficiency by centrailzing presentation documents in EventsAIR and managing their distribution via the Presenter and Audio-Visual Apps.
  • Packages - Explore how you can simplify the registration experience and create packages that automatically apply various items instantly to the attendee record.
  • Onsite Registration Management - Explore the setup of the new onsite registration management tools, including the Onsite Portal, Access Control and Collection Apps.

EventsAIR Master Class Certification

EventsAIR is now offering a new certification program for our growing community of EventsAIR power users. As part of the Master Class Series, a Master Class Certification can now be obtained.

The program is simple in design. One Master Class Session consists of four Master Class topics. Each topic is 30 minutes in length, and are delivered via a web training session led by authorized Master Class Consultants. Classes can also be taken as a post-conference workshop during one of the scheduled EventsAIR User Conferences.

Completion of one Master Class Session (four topics) earns you a Master Class Certificiation for those topics. Additional certifications can be earned by participating in additional Master Classes.

Master Class Sessions can be taken as part of your company's participation in the Master Class Series, at a dedicated Master Class certification course held online or as part of a EventsAIR User Conference.