EventsAIR is a perfect fit for any incentive event


Manage Incentive Events with EventsAIR


  • Gather rich data about attendees, to ensure a personalized experience
  • Manage complicated trips with multiple activities
  • Efficiently manage travel, accommodations, dining and activities
  • Handle add-ons, such as additional nights and activities, with ease
  • Schedule groups of people and communicate changes instantly
  • Download data from the cloud to avoid slow internet connections in remote locations
  • Solicit valuable feedback through surveys

Make each incentive trip a more rewarding experience for you and the attendees. Let EventsAIR help serve as your concierge.

Incentive trips are woven from complex logistics, and the importance of making the trip a true reward is paramount. Many details are small, but each has the power to create an unpleasant experience. Our comprehensive system leaves no detail unchecked. It starts with an easy registration process that captures rich data about the guests. From here, you can offer the highest levels of service.

With EventsAIR, you can manage the various travel aspects, including accommodation inventory, multiple flight segments, delays and transfers. You can schedule excursions, coordinate dine-arounds, manage galas, assign seating, and make changes in minutes. Is heavy rain going to ruin the golf outing? Inform all participants of a schedule change instantly through Express Actions. Would someone like to add extra nights or excursions? No problem. You can adjust their record and arrange for payment. Provide personalized documentation, collect feedback and more, to ensure a spectacular trip.

We recognize that incentive trips often take place in remote places with unreliable or nonexistent  internet access. To avoid slow connection speeds or disconnections, you can download data from the cloud to a local server (including a laptop). Or, you can download the data and take it offline, and then upload any updates later when the internet connection is strong.