EventsAIR is a perfect fit for any hospitality event


Hospitality Events


  • Manage complex logistics seamlessly for VIP guests
  • Capture quality data for an organized, impressive lead-up and memorable event
  • Develop special packages and handle waves of VIP guests easily
  • Assist with ticket allocation
  • Coordinate and track flights
  • Provide guests local information on restaurants, entertainment and points of interest
  • Monitor run sheets in real time
  • Communicate with event staff from any device
  • Handle arrivals and departures, plus transfers to hotels, events and dining
  • Personalize the experience according to individual guest preferences
  • Communicate with guests through a Mobile App
  • Generate easy-to-understand reports

Where athletes gather to compete, audiences gather to enjoy. EventsAIR can help ensure that VIP guests have an extraordinary time.

Creating a special hospitality package is just the beginning. Key to making the experience memorable is personalization and organization. Our system will capture extensive data on each guest, from basic contact information to dietary restrictions and travel preferences. The invitation, registration and lead-up to the event follow a smooth and steady course. You can easily manage arrivals, transfers to the accommodations and sporting events, dining and other functions. Communicate with guests through a Mobile App. Follow up with them for valuable feedback.

Our system allows you to seamlessly manage countless details behind the scenes, to create a remarkable, tailored experience for guests.