EventsAIR is a perfect fit for any government event


Manage Government World Events with EventsAIR


  • Ensures a smooth, highly secure government or political event
  • Manages the accreditation process for security checks and processing attendees
  • Supports RFID and QR codes
  • Easy registration process that captures extensive information on attendees
  • Manages access controls at various points in the venue
  • Complete data isolation for greater security
  • Coordinate and monitor travel, accommodations and inventory
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use design accommodates new and veteran organizers

When you're organizing a government or political event, such as a G20 Summit or United Nations meeting, the long list of logistics increases. For one thing, security concerns run high, both onsite with attendees and online with sensitive data. EventsAIR offers a proven, highly secure solution.

Our comprehensive system operates in a highly secure environment, where data is completely isolated and can be brought down to your data center. In addition to sophisticated features to organize and execute events, it also provides peace of mind that everything you need even features you weren't aware you needed is all in one secure place.

We recognize that in any particular host city, government events don't typically occur very often. Our event management platform is risk-free and user-friendly, and designed for organizers who don't manage events on a frequent basis.