Financials Simplified


The Budget tool will help you to quickly and easily create budget forecasts that are easy to understand, share and track. You can explore the impact of different pricing strategies for registration fees and forecast how estimated attendance numbers will impact costs and profits.

Design multiple budget forecasts and export as needed

Track real time income and expenses against your budget forecasts

Manage budget details based on numbers or fixed costs

Create account categories to match your internal accounting system

With the accounting tools in EventsAIR, you are able to forecast and track the income and expenses of any size event or meeting.


Supplier Management

Supplier Management

You are empowered with multiple accounting tools to manage your suppliers. Supplier invoices are professionally tracked and reported with approval processes and the ability to assign invoice items to specific account categories.

Supplier Payments lets you track pending and paid invoices against a specific supplier and you are also able to filter by invoice date and/or due date of the invoice. Payment details are also reflected in the Event Budget.

Run detailed accounting reports

Manage all supplier invoices and payments

View detailed Supplier Audit Trails for full transaction reporting

Suppliers are a critical aspect of your meetings and events and the Supplier management tools in EventsAIR help you to maintain accurate, up-to-date information.

Credit Card Payments

Secure and accurate credit card payments are a crucial aspect of your meeting and the EventsAIR Accounting platform enables you to manage all forms of attendee payments.

You can access technology to track how payments were made and apply those payments to the appropriate accounting categories. With the confidence of the highest levels of PCI compliance, you and your attendees can be assured that their credit card and contact details are protected and secure.

Supports over 40 credit card gateways and directly supports Paypal

Allows multiple gateways per event and supports multiple currencies

Certified at PCI DSS Version 3.1 Level 1 compliance

Credit card guarantees are securely stored in a state-of-the-art credit card vault

Credit card transaction fees can easily be added to total amount owed

We never charge additional fees for credit card transactions

With EventsAIR you can be confident that credit card details are processed in a highly secure environment and that payments are processed into a merchant account of your choice.

Credit Card Payments

Accounting System Integration

Accounting System Integration

EventsAIR will manage your event specific accounting and can be used as a subsidiary ledger to your own accounting system. The accounting exports available from EventsAIR are designed in a way to collect financial transaction details and prepare data in a format acceptable to most accounting platforms in use today.

Fully customized chart of accounts

Every transaction generates a double sided journal

Forensic audit capable with three independent points of verification

Custom accounting integrations include SAP, Microsoft Dynamics/Great Plains, Quickbooks, Xero, MYOB, and Sage

Should you require a specific workflow or dynamic data exchange with your accounting system, customized integration options are available.