Growing Your Skills as a Meeting Planner

Monthly User Webinars

After you start using EventsAIR, we want you to stay abreast of the latest developments and techniques. To support this, we offer our users a monthly webinar that shares many topics, including what’s new and examples on how to maximize your EventsAIR experience.

 Webinars are held at scheduled times to suit clients in all regions

All past webinars are recorded and available in the EventsAIR Help System

Useful information is presented from the perspective of a working meeting organizer

All webinars are held live and entertain questions from participants. All questions asked are collated and shared in a FAQ document in the Webinar archive.

Monthly Educational Webinars

EventsAIR Global User Conferences

Global User Conferences

Centium Software organizes EventsAIR User Conferences each year.

These events are especially beneficial to our clients, since we design our conferences to include both traditional conference sessions and hands-on sessions. You'll hear from members of the Centium team and our consulting partners.

Our user conferences are an opportunity to meet with the team that drives the EventsAIR innovations and features. During the conference you will have many opportunities to network with not only the experts from Centium Software but with other meeting organizers. Previous attendees have told us this was one of best opportunities they have ever experienced in expanding their skill sets and growing professionally as a meeting planner.

 Hands-on and collaborative sessions designed for both new and experienced EventsAIR users

 Introductory EventsAIR sessions are offered for our newest clients

 Lots of networking opportunities

 There’s something for everyone!

Information about our 2017 conferences can be found by clicking on the links below:



EventsAIR Master Classes

The EventsAIR Master Class Series is a program offering our clients an opportunity to expand their knowledge and experience of EventsAIR with instructor led classes on a variety of advanced EventsAIR topics.

Each two hour Master Class session is comprised of four, 30-minute topics covering a wide variety of advanced EventsAIR technology and functions. Each Master Class session offers you:

 Your choice of four, 30 minute topics from a library of Master Class topics

 Private, web-based instruction led by one of our Master Class instructors

 Focus on advanced concepts and application to your real-world needs

Course materials that enhance your training experience

Completion of one Master Class Session (four topics) earns you a Master Class Certification for those topics. Additional certifications can be earned by participating in additional Master Classes.

Master Class Sessions can be taken as part of your company's participation in the Master Class Series, at a dedicated Master Class course held online or as part of a EventsAIR User Conference.

EventsAIR Master Class for PCOs