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Event Planning 101 - Getting Started


Like every great journey, for every event you create you start at the beginning. GETTING STARTED is all about taking those first steps. With equal parts inspiration, ambition and vision you assemble your team and start the journey of creating your next great event.

Utilizing EventAIR's structured approach and intuitive workflows, the job at hand is easier than ever. From defining the type of information you need to collect to building a robust agenda, the logical and consistent tools in EventsAIR let you stop fighting the technology and focus on building a great event.

Every topic in EVENT PLANNING 101 includes relevant information, a short video from our presenters and a useful tip. To begin the first topic, just click the Start Here button.

Useful Tip

Creating, managing and delivering a successful event involves a coordinated and systematic approach to deal with millions of details and pieces of data. Without the right tool, workload and stress are significantly increased for meeting planners and the success of the event is compromised. The right holistic tool, however, will complement the meeting planner’s skills and empower them to deliver a memorable event that runs smoothly and achieves its objectives.