EventsAIR helps you market your event


Events 101 - Market to Your Audience


Once you build your registration site, your next job is to drive attendees to your site! MARKETING is the critical task of identifying who you want to target to encourage them to register for your event.

EventsAIR Lets You:

  •  Deliver targeted and personalized communications to your audience
  •  Collect rich data via the Interactive Registration process
  •  Ask as many detailed questions as you require
  •  Use Marketing Tags to identify your specific audience
  •  Use Notes to keep track of conversations and attendee preferences
  •  Filter and search EventsAIR to locate exactly who you want to market to
  •  Pre-program marketing messages and communications to be delivered on queue
  •  Keep track of the history for all marketing communication sent to attendees
  •  Collect valuable feedback through surveys


Useful Tip

A multi-pronged marketing approach with targeted messaging is critical to boosting attendee numbers at your event. Past attendees need different messages to potential attendees; social media messaging is different to email messaging. All this communication must be connected and drive people to your registration site. As you get closer to your event and busier, it is important not to let marketing activities slip.