EventsAIR assists you manage speakers, sponsors and exhibitors


Events 101 - Manage Speakers, Exhibitors and Sponsors


With EventsAIR, you have powerful tools to manage the tasks and deliverables needed for your PRESENTER, EXHIBITOR and SPONSOR programs. From managing abstract submissions to selling exhibition space and sponsor packages, EventsAIR offers you the tools and technology you require.

EventsAIR Lets You:

  •  Manage large speaker programs including abstract submission, review processes and agenda assignments
  •  Create and manage sponsorship packages along with inclusions and optional add-ons
  •  Receive documents and image files as part of your speaker, sponsor and exhibitor programs
  •  Use EventsAIR's powerful checklist function to keep track of all deliverables, and use the checklist to automate communications for un-submitted item reminders


Useful Tip

Speakers, Exhibitors and Sponsors are all very important groups within your event and each group needs to be managed carefully to ensure the success of your event. Speakers deliver the content for your event and every aspect of their presentation needs to be tracked. Exhibitors want a smooth experience where they can interact with participants and maximize business objectives. Sponsorship obligations need to be tracked and fulfilled and sponsors need to receive due recognition. There are lots of moving parts when it comes to these important stakeholders.