EventsAIR helps you communicate with your participants


Events 101 - Communicate with Participants


Before, during and after the event, effective COMMUNICATION is critical. You need to reach the right people with the right message at the right time. You need flexibility in the way you communicate, from email and text to phone calls and regular mail. You need to personalize communications, stay on top of payments and broadcast changes quickly.

EventsAIR Lets You:

  •  Send out personalized emails, merge documents, itineraries, agendas, invoices and more
  •  Design messages with your organization’s logo and brand
  •  Send text (SMS) messages and notifications through the Mobile Attendee App
  •  Schedule emails, SMS and Mobile Attendee App messages in advance
  •  Leverage recurring communications to save you valuable time and effort
  •  Keep track of the history for all communications sent to attendees


Useful Tip

The more comprehensively you can communicate with your participants before your event, the fewer issues you will need to deal with onsite. Also, by confirming every detail of a participant’s registration, you can achieve higher accuracy of catering numbers, fewer queries and set a professional tone for your event.