Enhance Participant Engagement

EventStream Private Social Network

EventStream Private Social Network

A private social network for your events and meetings, EventStream provides a platform for your attendees to post photos, videos, comments and share in the social experience exclusive to your event. Your attendees can participate in EventStream through their Attendee App as well as view the EventStream Wall, which is a scrolling EventStream display you can project in public areas and in meeting rooms. 

You can manage the entire EventStream experience with the EventStream Manager, add in sponsor advertising, and choose to moderate all postings. You are also able to generate the EventStream Album, which is an automated video highlighting images from EventStream that you can capture to share with your attendees at the conclusion of your event.

 Extensive configuration options to accommodate varying requirements

Include advertising and check-in from exhibitors and event functions

Allow attendees to upload videos and photos as well as tag other attendees

Allow attendees to post comments, likes and check-in for event functions or sessions

Allow for moderation of all submissions as well as real-time review and edit capabilities

EventStream provides an engaging and entertaining platform for attendees to connect and share throughout your entire event.

Native Attendee App

The EventsAIR Native Attendee App takes just a few minutes to design and publish and allows you to communicate with your participants. The Attendee App can be natively installed on any iOS or Android device as well as on other smart phone platforms. When attendees load the app onto their mobile phone or tablet, they can find all of the event information they need, including their personal daily schedules, session data, event program, important phone numbers and more. They can also search for fellow attendees and message one another.

Instantly deploy on any smart phone or tablet (native to iOS and Android platforms)

Avoid connectivity challenges with online and offline operation

Engage your participants with news updates and information alerts

Promote social interaction with messaging and social network connections

Provide a highly personalized experience with user specific agendas

Access information on other attendees, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors

Provide access to Live Audience Polling and Session Surveys

Customize your mobile app with specialized content such as restaurant listings or maps

The Native Attendee App provides your participants with a tool that can be instantly deployed on all smart devices and empower them to engage with other participants and stay informed across all aspects of the event.

Attendee App

Attendee Live Poll at a conference

Audience Live Polling

Live polling is a great way to engage your participants during presentations and sessions. Deployed within the Attendee App, session participants are able to respond directly to poll questions using their App. Presenters use the Live Polling Portal to manage display of graphical results in a matter of seconds.

Control question display time and format

Display results in bar charts or pie charts

Coordinate question display between presenter and AV team

Capture and manage live audience feedback

View results in the comprehensive survey management tool

Cloud-based and fully integrated, Audience Live Polling is a smart way to engage your participants and provide additional value throughout your event.

Session Surveys

Take advantage of the integrated and powerful survey tool that can be used for session specific surveys. Session Surveys are deployed through the Attendee App and are timed so they can be accessed only when a session concludes.

You can build session surveys quickly from a library of pre-written questions and one specific survey can be deployed as many times as required.

Participants can access session surveys via their Attendee App

Session surveys become available only when a session concludes

Clone session surveys and reuse as needed

Access detailed reporting and real time data updates in the powerful survey manager

Using the Session Survey tool, your speakers can ask questions and receive immediate feedback from participants using the Mobile App on their smart phones or tablets.

Session Surveys

One-to-One Meetings

One-to-One Meetings

Take advantage of the sophisticated and powerful Meeting Matching technology to allow your attendees and exhibitors to request meetings with selected parties during a scheduled period. Not only can you manage buyer to supplier types of meetings, you can also manage attendee to attendee meetings.

EventsAIR offers two different options for appointment matching. The first option is for prescheduled appointment settings where exhibitors and attendees can set preferences for whom they wish to meet and EventsAIR’s powerful matching algorithm creates schedules to best accommodate meeting requests and priority preferences.

The second option is the Online Appointment Diary where attendees and exhibitors can request appointments with each other, allowing further refinement of all participants schedules.

Create unlimited meeting schedules for both exhibitors and attendees

Vary access to schedules based on registration or exhibitor categories

Allow attendees and exhibitors to designate priority meeting requests

Attendees and exhibitors can list preferences through dedicated portals

Attendees and exhibitors can block open times and request additional meetings

With the Meeting Matching platform, you are able to provide sophisticated appointment schedules and allow your attendees and exhibitors maximum opportunity to engage during your events and meetings.

Communications Platform

Keep your attendees engaged and connected with a powerful Communications platform designed to keep everyone informed through emails, alerts, news updates and text messaging. Create powerful merge documents to combine any attendee information into an attractive, personalized presentation and deploy HTML marketing emails for graphically rich and mobile friendly newsletters and invitations.

Maintain a full history of communications for every attendee

Send out alerts and messages to mobile apps and smart devices

Generate invitations and surveys that are prepopulated with attendee details

Schedule automated and recurring communications

Emails are processed via Sendgrid.com for superior delivery and reputation management

The powerful Communications platform in EventsAIR is the hub for all of your communications, no matter what the format.

Communications Platform