Mastering EventsAIR is easy with our educational resources


EventsAIR Education

For more than 25 years, Centium Software has stayed focused on one primary objective - helping you achieve success in managing your meetings and events. The Centium team understands that it takes more than a cutting-edge platform to run your meetings. That's why we offer a broad selection of training and education opportunities. We are invested in your success, and we plan to be there today and in the future to help you achieve your business goals.

Our educational opportunities range from our introductory training for every new client, to our advanced training with the Master Class Series and the Master Class Certification program, helping you grow and expand your skills for today and for the future.

Our highly regarded Rising Star program for students studying Meeting and Event Management is approaching its 10th year and is being implemented at colleges and universities around the world.

No matter where you are in your use of EventsAIR, there is a training opportunity that is just right for you. Give us a call and we'll explore together what is the best fit for your education and training.

EventsAIR Web Training

EventsAIR software is easy to use and easy to learn, so we don't tie up your staff with extensive days of training. Our core live web-based training includes four learning modules. Each module runs approximately 2 hours, followed by exercises to practice. This instructor led training is flexible and can be scheduled to suit your needs. There are additional modules that cover more advanced areas of EventsAIR.

EventsAIR Onsite Training

Some of our clients want a more hands-on, live instructor environment for their training. For this, we send an instructor to your site to conduct the four 2-hour training sessions, followed by 2-4 hours performing practice exercises after each session with the instructor's support. Customized training focusing on your specific business processes is also easily arranged.

Master Class Series and Certification

The EventsAIR Master Class Series is a program offering experienced clients an opportunity to expand their knowledge and expertise with instructor led Master Classes on a variety of advanced EventsAIR topics. Each Master Class session is web-based, and led by one of our certified EventsAIR consultants and trainers. Your Master Class training is specific to you and your organization, and focuses on real-world use and advanced functionality. A separate Master Class Certificaton can be earned by taking a requisite number of Master Class sessions.

Rising Star Education Program

The EventsAIR Rising Star Program is an educational program for aspiring event management students, provided by Centium Software to universities and colleges around the globe. Based on the cutting-edge platform of EventsAIR, students undertake a structured training curriculum covering many aspects of professional event planning. Students pursuing qualifications in hospitality or event management also acquire certification in the EventsAIR technology, and this has proven to be an extremely valuable addition to a student’s resume.

EventsPRO To EventsAIR Skills Update Course

There are many meeting professionals around the globe who have extensive experience with our former flagship tool, EventsPRO. Many students also completed the EventsPRO Rising Star course. For these professionals and students, we offer an EventsPRO to EventsAIR Skills Update Course. This is a web-based, instructor led course to utilize prior learning and educate these professionals on the EventsAIR Platform. EventsPRO to EventsAIR Skills Update Courses are offered every month. For Registration Fees, course dates and availability, please visit the Course Site.

EventsAIR User Conferences

EventsAIR has a strong community of users around the globe and Centium wants to make sure that all of our users are connected and share in the evolution of EventsAIR. Each year, the EventsAIR User Conference will be held in different regions of the globe, bringing together the Centium team, our consulting partners and of course, our community of EventsAIR meeting planners. The conference will include keynote presentations, hands-on workshops, user group discussions and networking events. Optional EventsAIR Master Class Series certification classes may also be held post-conference. 

EventsAIR User Group Meetings

Our User Group Meetings are designed as casual forums where EventsAIR users and members of the Centium team can meet and share information about the technology and the way it is used. Held at various locations in different regions, our User Group Meetings are casual, informative and a great way to meeting other users of EventsAIR.