Custom Workflows and Integration

EventsAIR App Store

The revolutionary EventsAIR App Store provides an ever-growing variety of tools designed for specific event management purposes. Here, you can implement easily configurable apps or portals to suit your specific work processes and business workflows.

You are able pick and choose specific apps and portals for just about any aspect of your meeting or event.

Powerful tools ready to streamline your efforts and save 100s of hours of work

Select tools for self-registration and assisted check-in services

Use dedicated portals to work with your hotel partners and AV staff

Special portals provide your clients with reports and attendee data

Manage group registration and housing with specialized App Store portals

 Exhibitor Lead Management with advanced functionality

There are many more!

EventsAIR Apps are rapidly developed and continually introduced, and Custom Apps can be created for your specific business requirements.

EventsAIR App Store

Third Party Integrations

Third-Party Integrations

EventsAIR has a number of third party integrations to expand the functionality and access to your event data. With these integrations, you can provide additional ways to deliver services and technologies to your attendees.

Now, third party vendors and EventsAIR can share data from a single data source, which is always the very best process to ensure data accuracy.

Example Integrations

Many Third-Party integrations have been used with EventsAIR, including:











Many accounting systems have also been integrated with EventsAIR, including:





Great Plains

Payment Gateways

EventsAIR is configured to work with more than 80 payment gateways in all global regions.

Click on the following link to view a list of current payment gateways.

If you don't see your designated Third-Party system or payment gateway listed, please contact your account executive to discuss your specific integration need, as we are able to work with most technologies in operation today.

Whether you work with a third party mobile app, accounting system, CRM or other technology, the opportunity exists for integration and coordination of crucial attendee data.


Leveraging the power of the EventsAIR App Store allows you to customize work flows and processes at unprecedented time and cost savings. The innovative App Store in EventsAIR provides you with both pre-written configurable apps and the ability for unique and individual apps to be created to provide custom workflows and processes for your specific meeting requirements or business needs.

This totally unique approach to custom development provides a cost-effective and powerful way to leverage our existing technology and provide you with highly customized solutions.

Use standard Apps and Portals for numerous processes

Customize an existing App or Portal for work processes specific to your business

Design completely new workflows and APIs for specialized work processes

Leverage our third party apps to integrate with external services and solutions

Between the power of the standard EventsAIR platform, the unique and customizable features of the EventsAIR App Store and our development experience, you are now able to have the fully customized solution that you require for your specific business needs.

Workflow customization